Chamber and Itmet are pleased to announce the launch of 322A, a new work and exhibition space for contemporary architecture and designed objects.

Based in Buenos Aires, 322A will develop and commercialise products under the technical and creative direction of Maximiliano Ciovich and Juan Garcia Mosqueda.

It will collaborate with an expanding network of actors to produce objects meant to flow in and out of the market.

Moreover, our physical location in the neighbourhood of Puerto Madero, will operate as a gathering space for a growing community interested in architecture and design through regular presentations and events.

The opening of the space coincides with the presentation of newly commissioned designed objects by Go Hasegawa (Japan), Lutyens Padmanabhan (Switzerland), MAIO (Spain), Monadnock (The Netherlands), MOS (USA), Sean Canty (USA) and Something Fantastic (Germany).

About Itmet @itmetestudio

Since 2013, Itmet operates with versatility in the fields of architecture and design through an experimental approach. Focusing on material research and technical development, it aims to find innovative solutions at the intersection of industry, craft, and interdisciplinary thinking.

About Chamber @chamber_projects

Founded in 2014 by Juan García Mosqueda, Chamber collaborates with designers, architects, curators, critics, researchers, artists and writers from all over the world to produce objects, spaces, media and exhibitions. The office has worked with more than 300 individuals from a flat landscape of disciplines and continues to promote our further engagement with material culture through specially commissioned projects.