Photos @katjastuckrath

Is early morning in Paris and it starts with a spa appointment at Dior Spa in Plaza Athénée, preparing myself before walking through the Sienna of the city that always makes me dream about the timeline of this different «hotel particuliers » and ancient architecture from the royal times that are all over Paris, no different as Plaza Athénée such a iconic hotel and the heart of the street where all the maison couture live.

We arrived to the hotel and walk downstairs to the Dior Spa when we where received by a Dior Beauty esthetician super charming, the place is full of Dior beauty perfumes, creams and some Dior jewerly, the lighting of the spa has this warming cozy sensation that puts you already in the chilling relax mood.

Suddenly I was invited to go to one of the massage rooms to get change and swing into the massage bed, all dressed in Dior home of course.

I relax and got so deep into a deep tissue massage of 60 min of heaven. When she finished I was flying.. perfect moment to make a pause and relax for next day appointments. After massage finished we went to the relaxing area where I enjoyed some tea and sauna detox to extend the momentum. Fantastic.. OHLALA!