Amy and Gary Green embarked on a transformative journey, igniting change through the “social footprint” of their newly formed foundation. The inaugural Gala of their newly established foundation. The foundation's inaugural gala, scheduled for August 24th in the Hamptons, is sure to capture hearts and minds, uniting the world’s leading climate change-focused organizations in a joint effort to tackle the environmental crisis in dealing with various emergencies. Amy’s vision of shared love, kindness and commitment to our planet aims to inspire a global movement, empowering individuals to contribute to a brighter future.

The focus of the Gala is education, it covers the conservation initiatives needed to protect rainforests, wildlife and livelihoods around the world The program also highlights the emergency war effort emphasis on illegal wildlife trade, protection of endangered species and conservation of terrestrial biodiversity and depleted resources.

Amy x Harol Baez

"Sustainability, conservation, education and the love of animals have always fascinated me deeply," Amy shares. "The Foot of Life Gala is the fulfillment of a long-held dream. Together we will plant the seeds of love, kindness and commitment to make a profound difference."

Pavilions of world-renowned organizations will benefit from the foundation’s philanthropic efforts. Backed by Prince William, Tusk has pioneered innovative conservation solutions in Africa for more than three decades, raising more than $130 million for conservation and community programs and creating the African Community Conservation Foundation with sustainable local conservation efforts in Africa and globally -Excludes individuals, including transformational projects such as Karingani in Mozambique, the Rwanda Project – Volcanoes National Park and The Malilangwe trust in Zimbabwe.

Amy x Harol Baez

The charity evening is supported by influential sponsors such as, The Zangrillo Family Foundation, Tusk, UNICEF, Faith Tribe, Nobu, Hamptons Magazine, Africa Community and the Conservation Foundation The event celebrates the couple’s charity success with Karibu Africa last year, their New York -held at the residence, which placed great emphasis on the preservation work of Tusk and the ACCF

Amy’s commitment to positive change is evident through her role as Global Ambassador for the African Regional Defense Fund in partnership with The Tusk Trust, which is led by Prince William and also Green Vision.

Green Vision's desire to create a collaborative team highlights the essence of the party — like-minded organizations using collective wisdom to promote tangible change that unite "Life Footprints." Foundation sets a shining example, lighting the way to a world of love, compassion and environmental stewardship in harmony. The attire is 50 shades of Green and it’s expected to be the party of the year with amazing guest performances and celebrities passionate about the cause.