A conversation with the Architect & Interior Design Gabriella Colón (@gabc).

Who is Gabriella Colón? — Tell us about you.

Gabriella Colón is a 34-year-old Architect of Puerto Rican and German descent, who has seamlessly blended her rich cultural heritage and international experiences into her work. Born in San Juan Puerto Rico and raised in Miami Florida, I’ve had the privilege of traveling extensively, which has enriched my architectural perspective. My formal education, with both a bachelor’s and master’s in architecture, laid the foundation, but it’s my world travels that breathe life into my designs.

Why did you decide to move from NYC to Miami?

After spending 6 transformative years in NYC, I felt a strong pull to return to my roots in Miami, especially during the pandemic. It was a time of introspection, and I saw an opportunity to fuse my passions: interior architecture and real estate. Miami’s dynamic luxury residential market beckoned, and it felt like the launchpad for my integrated business model.

What is the part of your job you enjoy the most?

At the heart of my work is my passion to bringing a clients’ visions to life. Every client has a unique story and translating that into architectural and interior design elements is profoundly rewarding. Additionally, being able to offer a holistic approach, where I can merge design insights with real estate expertise, ensures a seamless experience for my clients.

How would you define your interior architecture style, and how would you differentiate yourself from other creatives in design?

My style is best described as “Worldly Elegance.” It’s a blend of luxurious aesthetics influenced by the diverse cultures and environments. As a child I was always intrigued by the architecture in Old San Juan Puerto Rico. It was fascinating to see the timeless Spanish construction on the outside and the beautiful tropical designs on the interior mezzanines of any building you walked by.

So, what sets me apart is my deep-rooted understanding of the client before we commence working together. My clients benefit from a comprehensive approach that is both aesthetic and practical.

What are your favorite architectures in history?

I’m deeply moved by the intricate beauty of Spanish Colonial architecture, a nod to my Puerto Rican heritage, and the Bauhaus movement from Germany. These two might seem contrasting, but to me, they signify the harmony of my dual heritage, blending the ornate with the minimalistic.

If you had to choose a favorite decade in terms of history in architecture, which one would it be?

The 1930s captivate me, primarily because of the Art Deco movement. Its influence, especially in Miami, is undeniable. The period’s synthesis of form, function, and richness is a continual source of inspiration for design.

What are your plans for this upcoming 2023? Tell us everything!

2023 is all about growth and integration. I aim to solidify my business’s presence in Miami’s residential market, expanding my portfolio of design projects, and leveraging my real estate license to offer clients an all-encompassing service. The ultimate goal is to create spaces that don’t just look exquisite but are also wise investments. On the horizon, there’s also a plan to curate design retreats, offering immersive experiences that blend architecture, design, and real estate insights.

Photos by Erik Galindo (@erikdavid_lifestyle) at The Ritz-Carlton Residences Miami Beach.