After a successful collaboration with the project AIR4, Renault and the revolutionary agency TheArsenale, partnered again for the unveiling of the new Renault 5 E-Tech electric with the project “5 Movements”: an ambitious program of collaborations with five French startups in the mobility sector.

These visionary partnerships reaffirm Renault 5’s avant-garde position as an undisputed icon of electric mobility in France.

The Return of a Legend: Renault 5 E-Tech 100% Electric.

Renault 5 is more than just a car; it’s an icon, a legend in the automotive world, a “hero car.” Its return to the automotive stage signifies much more: it redefines the industry and positions itself as the ultimate mobility object, both cool, innovative, and proudly Made in France.

5 Movements: The Next Revolution in Mobility

Renault’s commitment to innovation extends beyond its products. With “5 Movements,” a collaborative initiative with five French mobility startups, Renault champions sustainability and progress. Each collaboration symbolizes mobility through elements of nature — earth, water, air, and snow — embodying the innovation, compactness, and performance of these mobility.