French racing talent Laura Villars has propelled herself into the limelight of the motorsports world, not just for her exceptional driving skills, but also for breaking traditional barriers within this predominantly male-dominated arena.

Her inspiring journey from a business graduate in management and marketing to a formidable force on the track captures the very essence of what it means to chase a dream.

Laura's passion for speed, excellence, and breaking the mold resonates deeply with TheArsenale, one of the most exclusive marketplaces for mobility and lifestyle.

We have to admit that we don't know many professional female pilots. Due to ignorance and because there aren't many. Giovanna Amati was the last woman to compete in Formula 1, and that was more than 30 years ago. Before her, four other women tried to step on the accelerator for gender equality behind the wheel: Maria Teresa de Filippis, Lella Lombardi, Desiré Wilson, and Divina Galica. In total, only these 5 women have officially competed in F1.

Perhaps Laura Villars will achieve it, she is currently 26 years old and competes in F4, who knows if one day we will see this Swiss woman on the starting grid alongside Lewis Hamilton.