After their collaboration on the famous blue box, artist Daniel Arscham and jeweller Tiffany and Co. have once again joined forces to create a series of sculptures based on the brand’s codes. This edition of sculptures in eroded bronze called “Bronze Eroded Tiffany Padlock” was produced in a limited series of 99 pieces.

The padlock has a special place in Tiffany’s history. It is derived from an archival motif dating back to the late 1800s. Daniel Arsham’s sculpture is inspired by it to express the aesthetic of “Future Relics”, in which the artist projects contemporary objects into fossils of the future. Each of the sculptures was designed by hand in the Arsham Studio in New York, requiring over 400 hours of finishing.

This exceptional piece is handcrafted from 18-carat white gold and is adorned with more than 93 diamonds and 28 tsavorites, a bright green stone that the Maison had already presented in 1974. Accompanied by a limited edition Lock Bangle bracelet, each sculpture is priced at $59,000. It will be delivered to its buyers in a specially designed Tiffany Blue® case with a metal frame for transporting works of art.

“All of this is very personal to me,” explains Daniel Arsham, before adding: “But there is also a historical element to this relationship – a link between generations of craftsmanship, between function and design, between skill and beauty. It is these elements that make Tiffany so unique, and continually perfect the intersection of heritage and modernity. I wanted to create a piece that celebrates this.”