Following the success of the last 4 seasons, TheArsenale builds on its powerful long-term partnership with COD to unveil the 5th Season of its Asian journey. In 2023 TheArsenale Macau will not only showcase the best machines on earth but also fully endorse its role of embassy for the future of mobility. Be ready to step in the future of mobility as doors are opening.

Not just fancy but also educational: as embassy for the future of mobility TheArsenale supports independent builders’ development through their respective mobility initiatives. Our focus is to give their brand the best overall platform to capture the attention of potential consumers and increase brand recognition in key markets to drive sales and partnerships. Moreover, TheArsenale strives to engage and educate their growing community to today’s challenges aiming to prevent tomorrow’s concerns.

At TheArsenale Macau you will be able to discover the Renault F1 JPS R31. The pinnacle of motorsport, this model is a true official « show car » with its Legendary JPS colors. This Renault F1 JPS took part in 3 official Grand Prix driven by Fernando Alonso before being converted into an official show-car.

Cutting-edge custom bikes, concept-cars and real-life homologated flying car: the XPENG X2 is a two-seater eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) flying car. It is equipped with an intelligent flight control system and autonomous flight capability. The X2 is the latest generation of flying cars developed independently by XPENG AEROHT, the largest flying car company in Asia

You prefer salty sea air?

Come and discover the Reverso High speed. The fastest and most compact small sailboat ever built. Foldable design, handmade in France. Fits in your car.

Patrice Meignan, Founder & CEO TheArsenale: «We are thrilled to launch the 5th season of TheArsenale Macau. We are showcasing vehicles that are not only luxurious cutting-edge, but also represent the future of transportation. TheArsenale Macau features a completely new range of vehicles, including a Formula One, flying cars, motorcycles, electric bikes, and other cutting-edge modes of transportation. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a truly exceptional experience, and we believe that our 5th season lineup truly reflects this commitment. Our team has sourced the globe to bring you the most innovative and unique vehicles, from the latest electric flying cars to custom-built motorcycles. So whether you are a collector, an enthusiast, or simply looking for something truly extraordinary, we invite you to visit TheArsenale Macau and discover the future of mobility. »