Devel Motors and TheArsenale unveil an exclusive limited edition masterpiece: the ultimate embodiment of automotive excellence, designed to make history in the world of hypercars.

Brace yourselves for a once-ina-lifetime automotive reveal as Devel Motors and TheArsenale join forces to present a true marvel — the exclusive, one-of-a-kind collaboration, the “Green Devel Sixteen.”

The Devel Sixteen, a legendary figure in the annals of supercars, first took the world by storm with its production version launch at the Dubai International Motor Show in 2017, standing as a groundbreaking achievement aimed to pioneer a new era in the automotive industry.

A Design That Defies Conventions

The “Green Sixteen” is more than just a car; it’s an art form. This limited edition masterpiece combines extreme performance with power equivalent to ten supercars, crafted to usher in an unprecedented epoch in supercar excellence. Its design is strikingly distinctive, invoking the breakthrough feeling of a jet fighter, with power that surpasses any car in the world.

Built for Greatness

At the core of the Devel Sixteen lies an advanced chassis and powertrain, featuring a super lightweight, high-strength Carbon fiber body. Meticulous research and innovation into aerodynamics have pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the automotive industry, resulting in unparalleled and unprecedented power in a production hypercar. The Devel Sixteen stands as a testament to human engineering ingenuity and a true exponent of extreme speed and agility.

Unleash the Power

What propels this remarkable performance is the 81 mm Quad Turbo 12.3 Litre V16 engine, a true engineering marvel. Generating an astonishing 5007 Horsepower and 3757 lb-ft of torque, the “Green Sixteen” guarantees a groundbreaking performance that sets it apart from anything else in the world of supercars. The engine’s ability to deliver sheer horsepower and an unforgettable driving experience secures the Devel Sixteen’s place as a leading figure in the world of automotive excellence.

“Exclusivity, innovation, and unmatched performance are the cornerstones of our collaboration” says Patrice Meignan, CEO of TheArsenale. “This limited edition masterpiece is not just a car; it’s a symbol of what is possible when two visionary forces come together to redefine the limits of automotive engineering.”

The Green Devel Sixteen is the result of an exclusive collaboration between Devel Motors and TheArsenale, the global platform dedicated to the rarest and most innovative machines. Currently on display at the new concept store TheArsenale in Doha, the Green Devel Sixteen is also available through the website