Arriving to our new residence in French Riviera, I was really impressed by its beauty. I have been welcomed with a worm sédation of hope and peace.

Accompanied of a summer refreshing vibe. The exquisite spring summer collection of Chanel Beauty given for flushed cheeks and warmth that extends all the way to the temples. That’s how it make me feel.

A brilliantly energetic line that transforms the eyes into a smoldering gaze and makes the lips deliciously sensual, breaking from tradition and pushing the boundaries of its versatility the same as how it’s my inside manifesting the future.

The travel starts like a freedom era mean while the essence of Gabrielle Chanel immerse into the beauty of the ocean: The Golf Bleu at Cap Martin. The jewell of the French Riviera. The nature that surrounds us and the connection that it generates is like the universe was sending me signals of tranquility.

Into this scenography, charmed we were invited to delight us into a unique experience at Cannes film festival red carpet to watch an incredible French movie L eye dernier directed by Catherine Breillat a dramatique romantic .. very passionate story of love and incest. Hypnotic!

For this occasion I where my wedding dress a white costume made Alexandre Vauthier dress in honor to our 1 year wedding anniversary day; couldn’t missed my Chanel J12 white watch and Givenchy Shoes sandals. Stephanie Smith from Peechy group did my Glam, using the new Chanel Beauty rose palette a natural soft and young look using Chanel LES 4 ROUGES YEUX ET JOUES, two unmistakably shaped palettes, adapted to an oversize format to mark the occasion. Each features a color harmony of four matte and satin shades, which can be used to experiment with a variety of subtle and intense looks that satisfy your every whim.

In the middle of this Odyssey back to our new address in south of France. Back home, my husband prepare a boat trip in a electric custom RIVA where we had the chance to take the boat from our private beach access at Cap Martin into the mediterranean sea we went to Monaco in 15 min. Romantic moment !

Feeling a grate full sensation combined with a endless harmony back to the simple back to the origin, as ROUGE ALLURE VELVET, it reaffirms Gabrielle Chanel’s beliefs and renews her pledge to give women freedom of movement and independence.